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10.000 unique 3D Characters

Minting starts 09. April 2022

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About the Project

What is World of Jobs?

World of Jobs is a play-to-earn crypto game that allows you to earn real money by performing the daily tasks of real-life jobs. Aside from that, you learn about a variety of positions and what they entail. It could also serve as a guide or source of inspiration for your future professional endeavors. The goal is to build a constant ecology in which new jobs are regularly added to the game. There will also be an in-game token or coin that you can keep, trade, or earn to swap for Ethereum.

Our vision

To play, you need a unique character which is an NFT also. We'll start by releasing 10,000 unique and randomly generated 3D Models of characters, which will be available for purchase in one presale round and one general sale. Characters have distinct abilities such as EXP or money modifications, as well as a set of assets (items of clothing, character details like hair, eyes, beard, etc.). Character details are set in stone and cannot be changed, although clothing, for example, can be changed in-game. As a result, you can exchange NFT goods, such as a jacket, to equip your character.

Regular Income

Only players with an NFT Character will be able to play the game until it is fully launched. When the full release is complete, we will offer a freemium model to allow users who do not have such NFT to play. Despite the fact that they will receive a lower amount, committed gamers who keep their NFT Character will gain a significant edge. In addition, all NFT Characters will be paid a regular salary based on their level, modifiers, job, and rank. So even if you're not working, such as during the holidays, you'll still be earning passively.

Our characters


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Our Team

Why should you invest your time and money in this project, if you're unfamiliar with us? We believe in openness, so feel free to ask us anything.


Founder | Developer


Founder | 3D Designer




Community Manager | Marketing


Business Advisor


Content Creator | Social Media Team


Content Creator | Social Media Team


Content Creator | Social Media Team


Visual Producer | Freelancer

Moderator Team


Indian Moderator


Spanish Moderator


German Moderator


German Moderator


French Moderator


Russian Moderator

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Where can I mint my character? When minting is available you will be able to connect your MetaMask wallet with our website and then mint your Character on our minting page. Where can I get more Information about this project? We build our own wiki that you can reach from the navigation menu. All information regarding this project will be there. It will also be updated regularly, so get a look there from time to time. When is the mint? Currently minting is planned for Q1 2022. We will make sure that we have enough marketing and hype running before we publish a mint date or start minting, so you guys can be sure this project will be a success. How much will it cost to mint a NFT Character? 0.06 ETH + Gas Is there a whitelist? Yes, join our Discord to learn more about how to be whitelisted Why should I join the whitelist? If you are on the whitelist you have the possibility to take part in the pre-mint which will give you a guaranteed chance to mint an NFT. Otherwise you have to take part in the public mint which could be sold out in minutes. What is an NFT? NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token". Its a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. What is MetaMask? Metamask is a crypto wallet that stores your Ethereum, which you need to purchase and mint an NFT Character. What blockchain is it on? The ERC-721 token is on the Ethereum Blockchain and file hosting is IPFS. Where can I see my NFT Character? Once you successfully mint a Character NFT, you can view it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea. We have plans to built a preview on our website also. How do I contact the team? Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced on Discord


Stage 0

Project Concept

Determine Game Mechanics

Design Concepts

Start of Development (ongoing)

Stage 1

Building a community and gaining an audience (ongoing)

Website launch with team reveal

WIKI Launch

Start Marketing Partnerships (ongoing)

Start Influencer Marketing (ongoing)

Stage 2

Creating basic concept of reallife company secret utility

Community growth

NFT Characters Pre Sale

NFT Characters Public Sale

Gameplay Footage Release

Stage 3

Start the development of the companies secret platform

Expansion of infrastructure and team

Integration of $WOJ Token

Public Release and Sale of the $WOJ Token

Stage 4

Release of the secret platform

Holders will start to receive salaries

Many daily sales of different NFT Assets

Closed Game Beta Release for 1000 holders

Stage 5

Open Beta Release for all holders

Stage 6

Full Release

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